Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.58.18 PMPolice officers who arrived at a home in Idaho were met with frightened venom, as the mother told the cops that she advised her kids not to engage them because “you’re the people who kill us.”

The officers were dispatched in response to a 911 prank call that the woman’s kids who are of African-American descent staged.

But the reception they received is indicative of what most of the nation is emitting when it comes to the perception of law enforcement in the wake of the Ferguson and Staten Island cases. Most in the community are sensitive to the fact that they are seen as racists because of the outrage flowing from African-Americans over the documented proof that they are relentlessly hunted and unfairly victimized. But some are calling foul and refuse to internalize the negative label levied on them.

James Pasco, the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, dismisses the notion that cops are dedicated to wrecking misery on the Black community, “The idea that police wake up, strap on their guns and in their badges, and sit around thinking about how they’re going to make lives miserable in the minority community – that’s just at variance with common sense.”

Be that as it may, there is a growing fury aimed at the police and it is threatening the overall temperament of the departments across the nation. Officers and their families are being extra cautious in case they are subjected to retaliation that could possibly turn violent. But the overall sentiment among cops is the unfairness of being judged based on the series of events over the past few weeks. James Glennon, a retired police lieutenant from Lombard, Ill expressed his observations about the toxic situation, “Police officers are very, very upset at what’s going on now, and the way that 700,00 of us are being painted with a brush of racism and ill-intent and malevolent motivation – that we just want to go out there and hurt people, when it’s the exact opposite”.

Only time will tell how the fractured relationship between law enforcement and the public can be mended – but for now, the consequences stemming from the lack of due diligence continues to simmer.

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  • CoolChic

    Maybe they should stop being racist then they won’t get the racist label.

  • Anthony

    Until cops grow enough backbone or balls to confront the racists and bullies in their own ranks and testify against them, they can sit on nails and shut up!

    • noirluv45

      Yes, Anthony, you are so right, but I don’t think that’s going to happen publicly. Those boys in blue have a very strong bond, and I believe they fear repercussion if they stand up against their own.

    • blogdiz

      The funny Things everybody always on Black people about ” no snitching
      yet the biggest no snitching falls behind that blue wall of silence

  • blowmymind

    Stop turning the other cheek when you see your fellow officers doing dirty. Ironic that now you’re hurt ’cause YOU’RE being profiled. If the shoe fits…

  • Like most, I have very little sympathy. However, there is a profound difference between worrying about how you are perceived versus worrying about how you are perceived may cost you your life. Maybe, if someone would give them that perspective, some of them will see how boneheaded and wimpish their concerns are.

  • Mary Burrell

    I think in the police culture the mindset is they have disdain for the poor and disenfranchised and if the poor happen to be people of color that is added to mix as well. I think they some of them are just ego maniacs. I was reading on another blog post sometime ago some of the recruits are ex military who suffer from PTS syndrome which to explains why some of them are so quick to come out with their guns blazing and why some of them don’t make good decisions when assessing a situation. The young 12 year old Tamir Rice would be a good example of the jumpy cop who can’t make good judgement calls.

    • ShrinktheFed

      The distain is from dealing with people who time and time again refuse to do anything to improve their situation or station in life.