12-8-2014_01The Pew Research Center and USA Today collaborated on conducting a survey to decipher the general sentiment shared by both Black and white participants when it comes to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

The findings prove that most people are not convinced that the grand jury in both cases was racially biased. In other words, the decision not to indict both officers for the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner wasn’t motivated by race.

About 1,507 adults were polled and 27% believed that race played a factor while 48% disagreed.

The breakdown is as follows:

“Among those who believe the grand jury was right not to charge Wilson, just 6% say race was a major factor, 12% say it was a minor factor and 80% say it was not a factor at all. By contrast, 62% of people who say Ferguson grand jury was wrong think that race was a major factor in the decision”.

“Those who view the decision in Garner’s death as the right one overwhelmingly say race was not a factor in the outcome (81%). Among those who oppose the decision, 45% say that race played a major role in the decision”.

As the survey delved deeper into the subject of racial discord in law enforcement, it was evident that Black and whites have very different interpretations when it comes to whether or not the grand jury was right not to indict the two officers who were charged with the slaying of both men.

52% of Blacks believe that the divide between the Black communities and law enforcement will continue to widen while 43% of whites think it will remain the way it is now.

The results though not very encouraging are not all that surprising – the one thing that did provide some level of uniformity was the idea of police officers being forced to wear body cameras. 90% of Black and 85% of whites are in full support.

Huge Racial Disparity in Views of Ferguson Ruling, More Agreement in Views of Garner Decision

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(Image Credits: The Pew Research Center/USA Today)

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