The video showing a pregnant woman yelling at anti-abortion protesters known as Abort67 has gone viral.

Journalist and activist Sunny Hundal, who has made it a point to routinely film Abort67 whenever they are stationed outside the London clinic, captured the woman who is visibly pregnant chiding the group for intimidating innocent women.

The video has been making the rounds on the Internet and has garnered about 140,000 views in just 24 hrs.

The woman is heard questioning the tactics of the British pro-life group, “You’re standing out here making people feel guilty”. “I think this is wrong on so many levels”.

Hundal’s mission was to confront the group about their exploitative methods of visually documenting the women who enter the clinic. “I was walking over to confront them about their use of video cameras to document who goes into the clinic when I saw the pregnant woman standing by and then she started criticizing them, at which point I let her speak her mind. She did a far better job of showing their hypocrisy that I could have”.

The woman is shown in the video expressing her disgust at the way the protesters harass and traumatize the women entering and existing the clinic, by dangling disturbing images of fetuses. “Many people have been abused, you don’t know what their reasons are for”.

For their part Abort67 insists that their use of cameras is not to expose the identity of the women seeking abortions but rather to accumulate the proof they need to refute claims that they implement harassment tactics.

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