Questlove is a celebrated presence when it comes to expressing his views on the issues of the moment. Known to pen remarkably insightful pieces that evoke a level of thought-processing that is both refreshing and gratifying, The Roots co-founder’s response to the decision reached by the Staten Island grand jurors inspired a more demure and weighty reaction that was adequately summed up in a simple tweet:

The pain of knowing that expectations are non-existent when it comes to justice being allotted to Black victims and their families is an indication of the complete breakdown of a system that professes to protect ALL citizens. Clearly the Black community is excluded from the equation and it is a reality that has evolved into acceptance – a brutal truth that Questlove is sadly harboring.

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  • Love.tweet.joi

    Whenever I see him, I think about when Michelle Bachmann was on Jimmy Fallon and The Roots started playing “Lyin a.s..s bitc. h.” Classic!

    • Anthony

      I’m old enough to have bought that first Fishbone album when it was new!
      As for Questlove, he has been black long enough to know how this country works.