sigelBeanie Sigel was reportedly shot inside his New Jersey home on Friday morning and is being treated for life-threatening injuries at an area hospital.

His lawyer confirmed that the rapper who was shot in the stomach is currently in surgery and has been listed in critical condition.

Authorities are on standby to question Siegel whose real name is Dwight Grant about the incident. Another man, who was found injured at the scene, refused medical attention and so far has been reluctant to share any information regarding the shooting.

Sigel was transferred from federal prison to a halfway house this past August after competing his two-year sentence for tax evasion. He was then allowed to return to his residence under monitored surveillance in September.

This isn’t the first time Sigel’s life has been threatened – he was shot in the arm in Philadelphia in 2006.

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  • Me

    damn. 2 yrs PLUS you gotta stay at a halfway house after AND be babysat after that? all for taxes? did the u.s. at least get it’s money back b/c i would hate to think we wasted even more money putting this dude up for the last 3 yrs after we already came up short on his share of the taxes. just seems like stupid money mgmt to me. but hey. i don’t run this country’s budget so what do i know, right?

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    I thought that was draconian, too. How much did Cliven Bundy owe? Hm.

    • Anthony

      You hit the nail on the head! That said, remember we live in a country where black people who live in an open carry state, Ohio, have been killed twice this year for openly carrying BB guns!

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Yeah, but–but…um…BENGHAZI!