Rosie PerezRosie Perez confessed to HuffPost Live that she was once asked by her reps to seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon to enhance her features to make her look less ethnic and more white.

The 50-year-old actress who has had breakthrough roles in films like Do The Right Thing and White Men Can’t Jump was advised early on in her career to consider plastic surgery in order to secure more work.

“The View” host was quick to dismiss the idea that she needed to alter her features and immediately fired the rep. Perez also admitted that she has been a victim of prejudice as a Latina actress who kept her accent and refused to lose those qualities that made her unique in order to assimilate into the industry.

She has endured being labeled as “feisty” which she categorizes as the worst form of racial bias against a Latina actress, “It’s bad because it’s negative, negative, prejudiced against Latinas: the feisty spitfire.” “And I would get it all the time. What’s so crazy is that they were like ‘why do you have to be so ethnic?’ And I’d say “What do you mean? Why do you have to be a human being? What are you talking about?”

The actress admits that it is now totally acceptable for Latin entertainers to fully embrace their heritage instead of “selling out”. “Basically back then a lot of Latin performers would whitewash themselves in order to be relevant and stay in the business and get jobs. And I get it. But nowadays everybody is like ‘hey, I’m Latin! I’m loud I’m proud’. And I think it’s a wonderful thing. So I took some knocks to get that. That’s fine.”

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