Image Credit: NBC/YouTube

Image Credit: NBC/YouTube

Saturday Night Live tried but missed the ball when it came to tackling the racial chaos in Ferguson. Apparently time was of the essence and there wasn’t enough to go around to give the pertinent topics their due. So what resulted was a very brief and awkward skit that was hilarious enough to be valid but not demonstrative of how much of an impact the ongoing crisis is having on society at large.

But remarkably there was more than enough time to accommodate Nicki Minaj’s crazy funny impression of Beyoncé and that is where SNL definitely delivered. Some have tried but they never quite mastered the intricacies of Queen Bey in a way that transcends a brave attempt.

Maya Rudolph gave it her best shot by pouring more of a diva-like approach, which can be regulated, to just about any female superstar. That is why Nicki’s version is so much more refreshing and deserves a plethora of accolades. She effortlessly captured the mannerisms and signature temperament of Jay-Z’s better half in a way that was resounded in a disarming way. It is no secret that when Beyoncé is on stage, she exudes a commanding presence that is glaringly not replicated when she is aiming to personable. Her disposition is somewhat disjointed and almost child-like when is out of her element.

These are traits Nicki Minaj employed for her skit and it was a brilliantly flawless and proof that her future as an actress may not be unrealistic endeavor.

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