Image Credit: Mike Siegal/The Seattle Times

Image Credit: Mike Siegal/The Seattle Times

This past June, a Seattle cop literally broke the eye socket of a woman after he punched her in the face while she was handcuffed, and local prosecutors maintain that he “acted professionally.”

Officer Adley Shepherd answered a domestic abuse call and when he arrived on the scene, he arrested 23-year-old Miyekko Durden-Bosley. The woman was supposedly drunk and spewing insults outside her boyfriend’s apartment, which caused his mother to call the cops.

Things escalated when the officer tried to put Durden-Bosley in the patrol car. She refused to comply and ended up kicking Shepherd in the face. That prompted the officer to punch her back – damaging her eye socket in the process.

Video footage captured the encounter, and despite the evidence, Shepherd will not be charged for assaulting Durden-Bosley even though she sustained serious injuries.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg confirmed that the officer “acted professionally and with restraint up to the point where he was kicked in the head by the suspect as she was being placed in the patrol car”.

Meanwhile Shepherd is still on paid leave.

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  • Anthony

    The woman was already handcuffed, and being taken away. Instead of breaking the eye socket of a woman who was not in a position to actually hurt him, the officer could have simply added an assault charge for the kick. That would have been a truly professional response. I don’t think it was an accident that all charges were dropped because the cop did want to go into a courtroom and defend punching out a drunk, skinny, handcuffed young woman.

    • Anthony

      If a man, under any other circumstances, broke a woman’s orbital bone with a punch like that because of a kick to the shin, he would be in jail. The justification that it was a suddent response needed to restrain a suspect is laughable.

    • Exactly.

  • Love.tweet.joi

    I seriously believe TPTB are trying to incite a race war. #keeponfkinwitus #tryinme

  • J4L4N

    Punching her was excessive but she should NOT have kicked him. With all that’s going on in the nation and race relations period in the states what was the point in not complying and kicking him. Both are stupid and I think dropping the charges against her and not bringing against him was appropriate. She would look like an idiot for kicking him and he would look like a racist abusive cop.

    • Delia

      A racist abusive cop? He looked of color to me.
      And I think you have in backwards: She should not have kicked him, but punching her was excessive force.

    • Me

      being black doesn’t make anybody immune from being racist against blacks. there are actually a lot of racist blacks among us using white racist logic to hold us back. i know i definitely don’t trust black cops anymore than i trust white cops b/c they’re trained w/the same racist academy rules.

    • habinerenmei

      Racist Blacks make White people sad. Aww.

    • Delia

      I know, it would just be a harder case to prove. That’s what I was insinuating

    • Me

      that’s true. that’s the sad part. you would think having more of us on the force would help, but black cops hide behind the same badges as white cops & get away with it. probably not as often, but often enough for me to see no difference b/t either of them.

    • Glowbug21

      Eh…. the cop in the video looked black to me.

  • Anthony

    I would not be surprised if the cop roughs up his wife too.

    • tigerthelion

      Are you suggestion anyman who lays a hand on a woman for any reason whatsoever must be a wife abuser? How did you make this connection? Would you still feel the same if the victim was a male?

    • Anthony

      You’re damn right I would feel the same way if he had hit a man or boy. The person was already restrained, and incapable of actually threatening the life of the officer. The appropriate response would not be physical retaliation, but to simply add another charge against the suspect.

      As for the wife abuse question, hitting someone in handcuffs is bullying, and hitting one’s wife except under the most dire circumstances (LIKE SHE IS ABOUT TO GET YOU WITH A BUTCHER KNIFE), is bullying too, so yes I think his behavior may be an indication that he is a domestic abuser.

  • Mary Burrell

    You could see the hate in his eyes he probably is an abuser of women.