Image Credit: Mike Siegal/The Seattle Times

Image Credit: Mike Siegal/The Seattle Times

This past June, a Seattle cop literally broke the eye socket of a woman after he punched her in the face while she was handcuffed, and local prosecutors maintain that he “acted professionally.”

Officer Adley Shepherd answered a domestic abuse call and when he arrived on the scene, he arrested 23-year-old Miyekko Durden-Bosley. The woman was supposedly drunk and spewing insults outside her boyfriend’s apartment, which caused his mother to call the cops.

Things escalated when the officer tried to put Durden-Bosley in the patrol car. She refused to comply and ended up kicking Shepherd in the face. That prompted the officer to punch her back – damaging her eye socket in the process.

Video footage captured the encounter, and despite the evidence, Shepherd will not be charged for assaulting Durden-Bosley even though she sustained serious injuries.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg confirmed that the officer “acted professionally and with restraint up to the point where he was kicked in the head by the suspect as she was being placed in the patrol car”.

Meanwhile Shepherd is still on paid leave.

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