Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, isn’t going to be in the running for “Daddy of the Year” any time soon.

Knowles is now part of the scandal unfolding at Sony’s studios, as emails and correspondences that were supposed to be under lock and key are now being exposed due to a well-executed cyber attack.

It has been revealed that Knowles, who used to manage his daughter’s very famous girl band, Destiny’s Child unsuccessfully tried to shop a biopic to Sony back in December 2013. The studio was expectedly interested in producing a movie about the group but the deal eventually fell through.

Beyoncé and her father have been navigating through choppy waters for the past few years, so it’s highly unlikely that she was involved in the process or would have been interested in seeing it to fruition. So we have to assume that all the early negotiations took place behind her back.

This interesting turn of events will definitely not help mend the friction between father and daughter. There is also a rumor swirling that Lifetime may jump on the bandwagon and initiate their version – although it hasn’t been confirmed if Mathew is attached to the project.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse…

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