Willow Smith, Jaden Smith

The Cyber attack that is currently holding Sony hostage is exposing more scandal and throwing horrified executives under the bus, as emails and other incriminating correspondence is rapidly becoming public – for better or worse.

Jaden and Willow Smith, the offspring of star couple Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith are the latest subjects of an email that has been leaked containing details that should have remained private when you consider the insulting tone of the message.

The email is in response to the controversial New York Times interview, in which both Jaden and Willow spewed out interesting reflections of the world at large and quite frankly sounded eerily intelligent in ways that gave readers and observers reason to pause and ponder.

Some people thought both kids were simply nuts while others were vocally impressed. Either way they proved they are not your typical Hollywood spoiled brats – desperate to follow in the footsteps of their famous parents.

Well, it looks like the executives at Sony found the interview to be quite disturbing and now there is proof in the form of an email chain between Tom Rothman, chairman of TriStar, Doug Belgrad, president of SPE’s Motion Picture Group, and of course the always present Amy Pascal, SPE’s co-chairman.

In the email, references were made about the New York Times interview that was interestingly titled: “Jaden and Willow Smith on Prana Energy, Time and Why School is Overrated.”

Basically the email containing a link to the interview was passed around to the participants and it didn’t receive glowing reviews – As Rothman sends the email to Belgrad – he writes in the body of the email: “they r home schooled: don’t let this family date your movies!!!”

Ouch! It’s clear that Sony has no intentions of working with the Smith kids anytime soon – which is weird because the studio is planning to release a Will Smith film sometime in 2016. Hmm…

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  • The Sony executives never expected the hackers to release their actual thoughts on issues. Jaden and Willow Smith obviously have controversial views on education and on life in general. The kids will grow.

  • Kai19XX

    Why all the hate for the Smith kids?

    • Anthony

      Speaking for me, there is no hate at all. I think their parents are doing them a disservice by downplaying education because it is so hard for black families to hold on to wealth, and there is absolutely no guarantee that their kids will have the success of their parents in movies and recordings.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Exactly. I made a comment a while back about getting a petition from Malala asking us to stand in support of ‘our sisters in Nigeria’. When you see situations like the girls taken, forcefully converted and auctioned off by the Boko Haram, or a girl barely into her adolescence being shot in the head for exercising their right to an education, someone is doing those kids (especially Willow, I believe) a huge disservice by not making them aware. They’re so cavalier and distrustful because no adult is telling them why they’re full of it. Heck, there aren’t other kids telling them that they’re full of it. I know that we tend of focus on the bad parts of the teen years, mostly because they’re legion, but there’s something to be said for said for both getting and having to be around people your age, or people not like you in general. If it’s not in a traditional school setting, then some sort of social interaction could suffice–anything.

      Look at Tori Spelling, with all of her shows and books (the residuals off of 90210 alone should be making her quite comfortable), constantly making an ass of herself because her cushion was largely taken away when she ran off with that greaseball. Maybe if she had spent her formative years around some more people who weren’t defined and isolated by someone else’s money, she’d know how to spot a gold digger or wouldn’t be so willing to trash two families for some dude who is willing to trash two families. Her parents didn’t give a crap about educating her and in the 25 years since Donna Martin graduated it hasn’t occurred to her to get one, so now she’s known as the most desperate and richest poor girl to ever pull out of the Miss Thing driveway. Her whole career is based off of letting the world peek into the aftermath of mutual adultery and she’s white. Will and Jada need to hang up a picture of this woman as a reminder of where it can all go because NO ONE has Aaron Spelling money.

      I know it sounds like concern trolling, but if these kids choose to have children of their own, what are they going to give them.

    • Anthony

      What you say is so true. Just today in Pakistan, over 140 kids were killed by the Taliban at a school for military children. For what it is worth, 60% of all terrorist attacks in the world this year took place in Pakistan and Nigeria, and I bet every last kid in those countries would love to go the schools that the Smith kids sneer at.

      Tori Spelling example is great because it shows that even white folks in Hollywood get caught up in the star money, and think it will always be there when in most cases, it won’t.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      60%, wow. And so often the targets are children, which is just chilling.

    • paintgurl40

      Wait! Why is her husband a greaseball? Has she been married before or is this the same husband that is cheating on her? I only heard that Aaron Spelling didn’t leave her a dime but I didn’t know why. I know nothing about white celebrity gossip.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Story Time!

      I think this was a bigger deal in Canada because two of the parties involved were Canadian and one of them was well-known before this fiasco.

      Tori was married in a HUGE ceremony on which her father spent over a million dollars to some dude named Charlie, a little over six months later, she went to work on a made-for-TV film and that’s where she met Dean–he was her co-star. Dean was married to Mary-Jo (who at the time she was much more well-known than Dean, mainly on the strength of a cooking show she co-hosted) and they were in the middle of adopting a baby girl. People here knew he was a Canadian actor, but that’s only because they had heard her say that if she talked about him on her show.

      First day on set: Tori and Dean slept together. Yup. Both married, first day.

      Dean calls Mary-Jo and tells her he’s leaving her for Tori, well you can imagine what kind of jeopardy faced the adoption since he decided in the middle of the process he didn’t want his wife and he didn’t want the baby. Now, this is China, so we know how receptive they are vis-a-vis single-parent adoption, but she got through. They have an older son, but he doesn’t get brought up.

      Tori tells her husband of about seven months and her family that she’s leaving him: they weren’t happy. I don’t know what became of her first husband after that but Aaron Spelling was PISSED. Here, he’d just spent all of this money (though a million to him is a nickel to us) and right after, she decides to dump her husband after cheating on him with some no-name who was cheating on his own wife with her? Daddy smells a gold digger and he’s not even going to the wedding. Aaron isn’t going to see Dean get a drop of his money and he’s not going to let his dissolute, profligate, faithless daughter get rewarded for what she did. So, when he did die several years later, he left her less than a million dollars. Granted, rich people tend to give the money to a spouse and the spouse can will that money so they can get around inheritance tax, but that wasn’t the story here. He was punishing her from beyond the grave.

      She didn’t impress anyone here when she went on a Canadian music award show and before presenting there was a bit of banter with one of the hosts. She talked about how great Canadian men are but their ex-wives…(insert slagging of Mary-Jo, a very uncomfortable presenter and the collective gasp of the audience. Even worse, Tori knew Mary-Jo was in the audience. She wasn’t there for any reason, she just went to the show, which is a truly head-bending coincidence because neither woman knew that the other would be there. Then, Tori got her kicked out, not out of the whole show, but she was quarantined somewhere. I guess someone noticed because someone started asking her questions and she was pretty confused. But she wrote a book.

      Get to the part when Tori and Dean start having kids in quick succession (not all planned) because each kid will get X amount in a trust and you end up with this mess. Some people speculate that the affair was made up for publicity, but a few months ago I guess Tori and Mary-Jo had lunch (I’ve never seen any of Tori’s reality shows) and Tori was giving Mary-Jo the sob story and the response was effectively, ‘I don’t what you want me to do, we split a long time ago, people change with time and I’m not exactly his confidante. Good luck, but he’s your problem now’.

      Now, this part is so pathetic you can’t even hate Tori, but there was some family gathering and Mary-Jo was talking to Candy Spelling, whose decades-long spat with her daughter is well-known. Tori responds that her mother is always trying to take her friends away and poisons them against her. Oh, Tori. Anyway, Dean just quit the show, so who knows?

    • paintgurl40

      DAMN!! I don’t watch reality tv except for South Beach Tow, but I remember watching Wendy Williams and seeing a clip of Tori boo hooing about the demise of her marriage to Dean. Well they say “how you get them is how you lose them”…for a reason. Poor little rich girl…

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      I don’t watch those shows either, they don’t even play here. I’m also woefully out of touch, so I’ve never heard of South Beach Tow–and it`s me, not the show, I hadn’t even heard of Megan Fox until after she was fired from the Transformers franchise! But when you tangle with Canada, we’ll find out and quietly disapprove!

    • paintgurl40

      Her jewelry is beautiful. She had a pretty sad life though.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      She did. Her name is legendary in the jewelry world–she’s right there with Elizabeth Taylor, so in terms of her taste she was admired the world over. Her name is so closely associated with Van Cleef and Arpels (I might be a touch obsessed with looking at their high jewelry, but it’s just so incredible) and ultimately had to turn to its top brass for company because she didn’t really have any real friends, maybe Cary Grant after they split, he seems like the one person to have shown her some kindness. I certainly had more sympathy for her than I do for Tori Spelling and BH was one of the richest women in the world when she was orphaned. She blew through it because no one taught her better.

      That’s why I put extra emphasis on Willow’s need to for education, the world isn’t kind to women and even the most privileged ones are moving targets if all they’ve got are beautiful clothing and jewels and giant, lonely house you think you need to fill with crap.

    • paige

      Are you as annoyed as I am that we (you and i) know all these details? I mean, I knew everything you just wrote about Tori and Dean…my degree is seeping from my brain to keep this info in there! LOL Must be a Canadian thing.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Ha! It’s SO SAD, isn’t it? I never sought out that knowledge, but we were inundated, huh? Pierre Trudeau was right, we are in bed with an elephant and when that elephant’s intrigue features a maple slant, make room in your mind, because the deluge is coming and you might as well do things the easy way. That said, I happened to be talking to my sister on the phone during Tori’s little MMVA tirade and saw it live in its full, pulsing, baiting, peroxided glory (terms that will describe my dotage if things turn out right). Here’s my lame excuse: she had me turn it to the channel, knowing that I can’t abide award shows and she wanted to hear me complain about nothing because it’s what I was born to do (although how about that Green Christmas we scored? No complaint here!) and when we saw it, we both went silent, it was immediately evident that that didn’t go the way Tori had wanted it to. The rest of my knowledge is strictly of the grapevine variety, though, I promise.

      Please don’t tell OSAP.

    • paige

      “…she wanted to hear me complain about nothing because it’s what I was born to do.” YASSSSSS! You are awesome so many ways! Your secret is safe with me girl :)

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Aw. You’re a sweetheart, but my moaning predilection is no secret and I will make no resolutions to combat it. To me, December 31st is naught but the birthday of such luminaries as Anthony Hopkins, Donna Summer, noted grumpy hasbeen Val Kilmer, Diane von Furstenburg, Bebe Neuwirth, Sir Ben Kingsley and such and such. When that clock strikes, I drink to another year’s worth of drink and the presence of mind to continue to moan–just a little more. Santé!

    • Love.tweet.joi

      I was just thinking about how while I would love to afford a home in the black Beverly Hills areas of L.A., I would be concerned about which schools my son would attend. While Whites won’t buy a home in the neighborhood of a poorly performing school, Blacks don’t seem to make a big deal out of it. In my mind, I imagined passing up View Park or La Dera Heights for Hancock Park, a White neighborhood. Or, spending unnecessary money for private schooling. I currently live in the hood and these low school ratings are making it hard for a sista. I’m about to yank my son out of the charter school he is currently enrolled in…and I’m scared about my options. Above EVERYTHING a good education is paramount. I lied about my address so much as a child, I could hardly remember my real address. And when that failed, my mom signed over legal guardianship to her best friend who lived near Hancock Park. Dang, that was the nicest public school I had ever seen. Sigh.