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This past weekend, Q-Tip took to Twitter to school Iggy Azalea on the history of hip-hop and Black culture. Q-Tip released the hip-hop lesson tweets after Iggy dismissed Azealia Bank’s comments on the white washing of hip-hop and the hip-hop culture.

T.I., who has played a major role in Iggy’s discovery and success, tweeted a response to Q-Tip in defense of Iggy.

Check out the tweets below:

After T.I. started tweeting, Banks responded to T.I. by calling him “indoctrinated and “conditioned.”

Check out the interview that started it all:

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  • The whole “it’s not all white people” thing is really irritating, and a
    deflection. Of course it’s not all white people. Who said it was? I know
    plenty of white people who hate hip hop with a passion and some that
    actually respect the culture. That’s not the issue, T.I. But keep
    defending your meal ticket. Iggy is to T.I what Bieber is to Usher.

    • good2bfree

      Yup, and Bieber has now officially outsold and outpaced Usher

  • mmmdot

    Igloo Australia is terrible, so are her PATHETIC black male defenders who are way too overly impressed with mediocre white women that even men of their own races don’t want. T.I. is nothing but a shoe-shining, sell-out coon tap dancing for white acceptance and money at the cost of his human dignity. Period. Igloo doesn’t have any real connection to the south, other than what T.I.’s cooning ass and T.I’s cooning friends have told her. Every white person is not trying to culturally appropriate, but a good majority are, and we for damn sure know that Igloo Alligator is. That horrifying phony ass, fake “blaccent” is a dead giveaway that she is engaging in Vanilla Ice levels of cultural appropriation. Every time I hear that shit I think “I gotta get to that Atlanta section of Australia that Iggy is from before I die.”

    If whatever a person presents [voice, manner of dress, persona, etc] isn’t what they you say, do, or wear in “REGULAR” life, then it’s a “PERFORMANCE” based on what they ERRONEOUSLY think or believe THOSE WHOM THEY IMITATING ARE LIKE.

    It’s a RACIST STEREOTYPE, and there’s NOTHING FLATTERING about that kind of imitation.

    I want people to stop getting stupid and PRETENDING like there isn’t a Black American community in America with a Black American CULTURE and that this hasn’t happened HABITUALLY with white people appropriating, whitewashing, universalizing, and taking credit for EVERYTHING good on planet Earth by engaging in pure out and out CULTURAL THEFT and LYING. Whenever the stupid, racist white bitch puts on a fake unnatural “blaccent” she is engaging culturally appropriation AND playing out racist stereotypes. She looks stupid, inauthentic, and racist..and anyone who supports her look like ignorant chumps! If they’re black, they look like self-hating chumps with no dignity. *The more you know…*