Terry Crews is now known for his role on the hit show Brooklyn 99, he also did time on another beloved sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris. And we can’t forget that he did play in the NFL.

This is clearly a guy who doesn’t believe in limits based on his sprawling resume – which explains his flawless attempt to join the literary world with his new book titled: Manhood: How to be A Better Man – Or Just Live With One. His new masterpiece is a well-rounded and thoughtfully insightful dive into the aspects of gender bias and how the roles played y both sexes can be productively performed.

While attending What Makes A Man 2014: Maps to Manhood conference, Crews spoke with Elamin Abdelmahmoud to tackle the issues around the notion of feminism and what it takes to be the updated version of what a man is supposed to be.

Crews admitted that feminism is a movement that ordinarily leaves men uncomfortable because of the items associated with it, “I think the big thing about feminism is that it scares men because, you know – the big deal is that people are scared of being controlled… I want to be clear that feminism is not saying “women are better than men””. That’s not what’s going on…What it is is that we’re talking about gender equality, true gender equality… but the problem is that men have always felt like they’re more valuable…I have been that guy where I felt I was more valuable than my wife and kids”.

Crews also dismissed the existence of the “Man Code” by declaring it a concept that isn’t always applicable in realistic situations. “Man Code! C’mon…but does Man Code work when it’s your daughter who gets raped? Man Code – does that work when your mom gets abused?”

In the end, Crews emphasized the importance of men supporting the cause of feminism by recognizing its relevance in a progressive society, which is why he has chosen to be vocally encouraging. ‘If you don’t say anything, you are, by your silence – it’s acceptance. I’m not going to be silent”.

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