titi-branch_240x340_12Titi Branch, who along with her sister, Miko, founded the popular natural hair product line, Miss Jeesie’s has died. Branch’s obituary in NV Magazine concluded that her death on Dec. 4 was a result of an apparent suicide. She was 45.

Branch, who graduated from the University of Maryland, also owned a hair salon in New York.

Miss Jessie’s followed in the footsteps of another major hair care line, Carol’s Daughter to help revolutionize the industry by providing products and services catering to natural hair, during a period when Black women were seeking an alternative from relaxers and other permanently altering treatments.

Miss Jessie’s offered an array of options that were attractively packaged and boasted delectably inspiring titles like the signature Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding which Titi personally concocted.

The genesis of the sister’s meteoritic rise began back in 1997 when they opened their hair salon in Brooklyn. The success of their salon was based on their ability to effortlessly manipulate kinks in curly hair – and it prompted their decision to launch their product line in 2004, which was named after their grandmother.

Despite the high price points, Miss Jessie’s was an instant hit and drew critically acclaim while amassing an impressive following. Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry was a bona fide fan.

Last December, Titi Branch summed up her impressions of her thriving business; “I get so inspired when people meet us”. “It’s just a hair product but to them it’s so much more. It has such an impact.”

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  • Mary Burrell

    The brain gets sick just like any other part of the body sometimes it’s chemical imbalance and things that the right medications can remedy. But only a medical professional can determine these things, it’s important to seek medical help.

  • Me

    i hope the rest of her family is taking time to go to therapy if they aren’t already getting it. like mary burrell said, the brain gets sick just like any other part of our bodies & mental illness is often hereditary. so whenever somebody has a suicide in the family, that counts as “history of mental illness”, which might be a clue about possible dementia, schizophrenia, depression, bipolarism, etc that might show up in other family members. a lot of folks in my fam refuse to think anything might ever happen to them even though we have a history of alzheimer’s, depression, suicide attempts, autism, & bipolarism in our family. i tried to tell folks when we realized about the alzheimer’s & everybody just told me “don’t wish that on the family” when i started hinting at the rest of us are at risk. now every person that has an issue is “isolated” & not a sign. black folks gotta wake up & realize religion & superstition won’t make us immuned to brain diseases. if one person in your family suffers, the chances of you being at risk is higher than you think. it’s no different than diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. best wishes to her fam.