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In a column by In Touch Weekly called “Double Creature,” where they pose the question to readers, “Does your pet resemble a celebrity?”Solange’s beautiful afro was compared to a Yorkie.

The disgusting comparison caused a massive backlash all over the web for the gossip publication. Hopefully, In Touch Weekly has learned their lesson and issues an apology.

“Yorkipoo Jackie is “basically twinsies” with Beyoncé’s sis, says the 5-year-old pup’s owner, Brian Murray Jr. ‘They rock the same hairdo…’”

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  • disqus_6sinns1216

    And? Racist people compare our hair to everything. I’d lose sleep at night trying to repress my napyness to please racist ass honkeys. Black girls get made fun of if their hair is natural, weaved up, long, short idk. I’m tired of honkeys feeling it’s necessary for us to care about how they feel and their feelings towards how we are physically designed as black people. I couldn’t give 65 damns what a honkey wants to compare our features to. Don’t care what they think.

    • Anthony

      I don’t go for the racial slurs, but I sympathisize with your sentiment. Worrying about what racists say is a pointless waste of time.

  • dealivinglotusflower

    Any chance to dehumanize and demean us. I now have gotten to the point that I don’t engage in any type of meaningful discourse with even left of center Anglo Americans. Everyone else is cool, Europeans, Asians, Canadians, Africans, Latin Americans, South Americans, Caribbean,,,everyone except for white Americans, I am convinced that they are sick and it is unplesant to even talk to them. It has come to that.