Lifetime recently released the first official trailer for the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic. Whitney features Actress and Model Yaya Dacosta who plays Houston in the Angela Bassett-directed film. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

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“I think we as fans, audience…those that looked on—we thought we had some say in it. We really didn’t have any say in their love affair. The say we have is of ourselves and our capacity to love, to love ourselves, to love one another and to just spread more love and joy in this world. But we really thought we had a say in their love affair…I think it’s a magnificent journey and I hope it will be a reflection into our own lives.” — Angela Bassett, Director of ‘Whitney’

Whitney airs Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

Check out more images from “Whitney” in our gallery!

(Image Credits: Lifetime/YouTube)

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