The New York Times is reporting that the Department of Justice is preparing a legal memo to clear Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown last August. The Times notes, however, a final decision has yet to be officially announced.

From the New York Times:

Three law enforcement officials discussed the details of the federal investigation on condition of anonymity because the report was incomplete and Mr. Holder and his top civil rights prosecutor, Vanita Gupta, had not formally made a decision. Dena Iverson, a Justice Department spokeswoman, declined to comment.

Benjamin L. Crump, a lawyer for Mr. Brown’s family, said he did not want to comment on the investigation until the Justice Department made an official announcement. “We’ve heard speculation on cases before that didn’t turn out to be true,” Mr. Crump said. “It’s too much to put the family through to respond to every rumor.” Mr. Crump said that at the end of last year that the Justice Department had told him that it was still investigating.

The lawyer for Mr. Wilson did not return calls for comment.

Wilson claimed that he was acting in self-defense when he fatally shot 18 year-old Brown, resigned from the Ferguson police department last November, citing threats against fellow officers after the grand jury decision was released.

The Brown Family issued a statement on Wednesday stating they would not comment on the reports until the final decision was announced by the U.S. Justice Department:

“The family of Michael Brown, Jr. will wait for official word from the Justice Department regarding whether or not any charges will be filed against the police officer who shot and killed him. “The family won’t address speculation from anonymous sources.”

Brown family lawyer Benjamin L. Crump also declined to comment until the U.S. Justice Department makes an official announcement:

“We’ve heard speculation on cases before that didn’t turn out to be true.” “It’s too much to put the family through to respond to every rumor.”

“DOJ has known from the very beginning that no violation of civil rights occurred when Officer Darren Wilson shot an aggressor, Michael Brown, in self-defense. Instead of deliberating immediately and issuing their conclusion in the fall, the Obama Administration let the embers of civil unrest burn, fanned by the rhetoric of opportunistic race dividers,” said Ron Hosko, president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

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