A positive and uplifting cartoon titled “Self Worth” circulated the internet depicting a Black woman stepping over her obstacles of last year– like jealousy, heartbreak, negativity and temper– to embrace a new year with “love”, “peace”, “focus” and “God” to guide her. It was drawn by a Black female artist that can be found on Instagram @Peniel_Enchill, whose work is dedicated to Black beauty and high fashion.

Sadly, the pic was altered by an obviously misogynistic, confused, fellow that goes by the twitter handle @MrGotcha_Bitch.


Here is a look at some of the, in his own words, “more real” (or realistic, I suppose) changes he decided were necessary:

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 3.18.32 PM

The second cartoon displays a Black woman stepping into the New Year, visibly pregnant (despite the fact that she had abortions in the year 2014?). The whereabout of her hair bun and her boyfriend are also in question. Luckily, the woman has somehow managed to maintain her self-esteem, even though she spent the year prior “tricking”, “boosting” and “lying”.

Many Black women took to message boards to express disgust and dismay about the changes made to the image, calling it “disgusting”, “degrading” and an obvious “attack on Black women”.  If nothing else, the cartoon was most certainly an attack on the Black female artist’s work.

Yet, it seems that the man responsible for such negative reactions sees this as nothing more than a joke. When asked what he thought about all of the women who were offended by the “parody”, he responded, “when I see something I don’t like I keep it moving…. I don’t troll people……. ”

Okay. It is obvious that we should not expect any degree of intelligence from this human being, but is he serious? By taking the work of a Black female artist, made to inspire and uplift other Black woman, and degrading the imagery and purpose, he is doing precisely what he is angry others have (and will continue to do) to him: trolling. Per a quick Wikipedia search of the word: “a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response.”

@MrGotcha_Bitch, you are a troll.

Furthermore, your humor is baseless, tactless and quickly reveals why you have only managed to accrue 597 followers, despite filling the online world with 10.9k of your mostly misogynistic, immature and distasteful comedy. It comes as no surprise that the man who uses the word “bitch”, “bae” or “dick” in almost every post was only acquainted with misguided, lying, cheating and tricking Black women in 2014 who would inspire the creation of such depressing “parodies”.

Perhaps, in the year 2015, you should aspire to surround yourself with more intelligent, productive, hard-working, beautiful Black women, like the wonderful young lady who took the time and effort to produce quality art. That may require that you introduce some words other than “niggas” or “bitch” to your repertoire, though. Not sure if you could manage that. Still, I will give you a few words to start with: 1. misogyny, 2. propaganda” and (pardon me, this last one is a phrase) 3. black self-hate”.

After that rudimentary education, you may come to understand why so many Black women are not laughing at your comedy.

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