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A 12-year-old from Georgia’s political YouTube rant video has garnered him a few more conservative fans. CJ Pearson, who claims he’s been a conservative since he was 8-years-old, says in his video that President Obama has a “downright hate for the American values our country holds.”

While most 12-year-old children are probably playing xBox on Saturday mornings, Pearson’s YouTube rant has already amassed over 100k plays. Pearson also stated that because the president hasn’t fully condemned ISIS, Obama is not “not willing to defend our country against the evil of terrorism domestic and abroad.”

Take a look at the video below:

You have to wonder if these ideologies were taught in Pearson’s home, or did he learn them on his own.

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  • nononsense

    The boy is entitled to his opinion, but it is so grounded in ignorance and right-wing propaganda. He’s conflating religion and politics, and spewing talking points he’s heard without any original thought, sounding every bit like a 12-year-old trying to figure things out.

    You would think CJ Pearson was Rudy Giuliani and Rush Limbaugh’s black lovechild. I can’t even be mad at this child because that’s what he is. A confused little boy. He’ll learn, and, until then, I’ll pray for him.

    • Anthony

      I wonder if the kid is not adopted or a foster child of some ultra conservative “Christians.” At the minimum, his family has joined a church, or he attends a school with those leanings. I think it is said to see a child exploited in this way; he sounds like a parrot.

      In the simple minds of many conservatives, this black kid attacking President Obama is pure gold. The sad thing is that conservatives are too blind to realize that there is lots of black criticism of Obama, but most of that criticism revolves around him not going far enough, or supporting a black agenda enough.

    • nononsense

      “In the simple minds of many conservatives, this black kid attacking President Obama is pure gold.”

      PRECISELY, and what this little boy and his family fail to realize is that those conservatives do not care about him. If CJ Pearson and his ilk really, really go beneath the standard and boilerplate rhetoric, they will also see that a lot of conservative policies negatively affect black people.

      Again, this boy is young and naive and not a critical thinker yet. He’s getting his shine now, may he enjoy it while it lasts. He can’t be taken seriously.

  • Mary Burrell

    Well, Damn!

  • disqus_6sinns1216

    I don’t subscribe to a liberal/conservative “party”, I dislike both. So I’m open to hear both sides of what they have to say since I pledge no allegiance to any. I think both sides have valid points sometimes. So I’m not gonna vilify the boy just because I disagree with him. I actually watch 2 of those black conservative characters on youtube even when I disagree with 99% of their viewpoints. But those youtube comments on his video are disgusting. What’s up with these conservatives trying to deny Obama’s citizenship? It’s an obsession they have of painting him as a Muslim Kenyan that has been debunked and I don’t know why they’re not trying to let go of it. I guess it’s the passive aggressive way of dehumanizing him w/o blatantly saying he’s a you know what.

    • xlcon5

      Come join the illuminati it’s cosy here