Lee Daniels knew he had a hit on his hands after receiving the ratings from Empire’s premiere episode. Forget the fact that one of the show’s stars, Terrence Howard, isn’t always a fan of his own people, all eyes were on Taraji P. Henson’s outstanding performance as Cookie.

Cookie is as loud and abrasive as they come. She speaks her mind and doesn’t bit her tongue. She’s the quintessential personality of the image people are fighting against being portrayed on reality television. But since Empire is fiction, it seems to be ok. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Cookie. But I also love shows like RHOA and Love & Hip-Hop, even though (at times) they portray Black woman in a negative light.

But we can’t blame Henson for her own character, since it was Lee Daniels’ creation. It seems as though, just as Tyler Perry, there’s a common theme when it comes to Daniels’ portrayal of Black women. The Black women written by Daniels are always ripe with stereotypes. One has to wonder if this is how Daniels as a gay Black male chooses to see black women?

And Cookie isn’t the only stereotype that seen on Empire.

Fat, loud and dark skin? Check.

The perfect light skin woman? Check.

The white-savior woman? Check.

Daniels has them all covered and nicely wrapped up into a show that is a ratings hit.

Clutchettes, what do you think about Empire? Do you think the stereotypes show are acceptable because it’s fiction and not a reality tv show?

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