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It looks as though Giuliana Rancic could have saved herself from apologizing about Zendaya Coleman’s hair, if she would have listened to her co-host Kelly Osbourne. Apparently, Osbourne tried to talk Rancic out of making the comments before taping started on the show. She reminded Rancic that Coleman was not only a friend of the show, but also a personal friend.

A report in US Weekly, which was disputed by E!, says that there were multiple takes done during the recording and Osbourne was not pleased with dreadlock comments. E! denied that the show used multiple takes, but did say Osbourne did let everyone know she was friends with Coleman.

“They did the Zendaya segment three times,” the insider tells Us. “Three different takes. On the first two takes, Kelly said ‘Guys, we can’t say this. Zendaya is a friend of the show.'” “Giuliana said the words ‘patchouli oil’ and ‘weed’ three times,” the insider recalls, in front of an audience of about 30 people. “They all heard the three takes,” the source tells Us.

Osbourne even tweeted that she wanted no involvement in the situation and that she was rethinking her involvement with the show.

But it also seems now that Rancic apologized, all is well.

In any event, #TeamZendaya.


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