“Today I can look in a mirror with no makeup on and love myself.”

Everything about Lupita Nyong’o exudes positivity and beauty. The 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner is dishing on all things Lupita with Lucky. The upcoming Americanah star talks adjusting to being a high-profile celebrity, social media, her mother’s influence on her self-confidence and much more in the March 2015 issue of Lucky.

Check out some highlights below:

On Her Mother Banning Her From Wearing Makeup:
“My mother has never ever worn a drop of makeup in her life — not even at her wedding.” The only access the Star Wars actress had to makeup came courtesy of an aunt, who occasionally snuck in the beauty goods while her mother was out. “Honestly, my mother’s outlook was hard for me to take when I was a teenager and wanted to experiment. But in the end I appreciated it, because today I can look in a mirror with no makeup on and love myself.”

“My mother didn’t think makeup was necessary, and I don’t think it’s necessary.” It’s an accessory. It’s as necessary as a pair of earrings, if you know what I mean. It’s something I do to adorn myself. I don’t do it to hide myself.”

On Being Famous:
“The not-so-fun part of all this is that when I don’t feel like being famous, I still am.” When you’re in the middle of Manhattan and you have to pop into Starbucks to use the restroom and everyone recognizes you when you’re waiting on line, it’s awkward.” I ask if she’s come up with a way to cope: some clever disguise, a wig, a hoodie, a full-body Snuggie, maybe? She admits that she has. So, what is it? “I’ll never tell,” she says slyly, raising an eyebrow and putting a polite end to the discussion.

On Social Media:
“I’m governed by things that made me smile, laugh and think,” she says. “And if they do that to me, then I ask myself, Would anybody else care to see this? If I can think of one person, I post it.”

On Speaking Engagements:
“It makes me very nervous. My heart is on my sleeve when I do those things, but the only way I know to do them is to speak from my heart. So it costs me a lot … and then I need to take a nap.”

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