The stunning Lupita Nyong’o covers the latest issue of Lucky Magazine. The Oscar award winner and upcoming star of Americanah and Star Wars Episode VIII rocks a flawless afro while styled in a colorful striped off-the-shoulder Balmain dress.

Nyong’o’s Lucky issue hits newsstands on February 17th.

Photo Source: Lucky

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  • debratante

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Mary Burrell

    She has the most beautiful luminous skin and beautiful teeth

    • Yes, Sister Lupita has gorgeous skin and her words just inspire us a great deal. :)

  • Mary Burrell

    Why are they calling her hair style an afro?

    • Anonin

      Omg I didn’t even notice until you brought it up

    • Exactly…

  • Lupita Nyong’o represents the beauty, the self-determination, and the strength of black women. Right now, she is inspiring a lot of black girls and black women throughout the Earth (not only in America). This cover is very gorgeous and its shows her beautiful blackness along with excellent fashion. We not only want Lupita to fulfill her own dreams. We want any black girl, whether she lives in the ghetto, in a middle class area, or in a richer community, to have her dreams fulfilled too. When we see black people not only have success, but give back to the poor of our people, then that is a blessing all around. Lupita’s eloquent words, her grace, her wisdom, and her classy style will always be appreciated by us as black people.

    • MrsBB

      This is a wig. Use your eyes.

  • Justmythoughts

    I’m highly disappointed with the decision to title this story as such. Let’s be 100% real that is a wig on Lupita’s head that resembles a ‘frizzy’ pixie cut. I have no issue with that but let’s not say its an Afro (Google Angela Davis for a real afro). Let’s not pretend Lupita is breaking some ceiling appearing on the cover of Lucky in a ‘natural hairstyle’, instead let’s appreciate that she is popular enough to get the cover and hope the story inside is worth purchasing.