Issa Rae, Christina Greer, Jacque Reid and Marina Franklin joined Larry Wilmore on last night’s episode of “The Nightly Show” and the topic was black womanhood. The panel discussed topics ranging from black women in the work place, lower wages and how black women are sometimes considered a ‘bitch’ when they’re actually doing their job.

The segment also touched upon Patricia Arquette’s comments during her Oscar acceptance speech. And what a load of crock “lean in” is when it comes to black women.

Check out the panel below:

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  • Michelle

    re: ‘white feminism’s fights and Black feminism’s fights’ and ‘leaning in’
    I am going to be honest with you.
    With the exception of the main objective (equal pay, sexual reproduction, etc.), I don’t actively support the fights that the modern, “mainstream”-third wave feminists are committing to. For instance, the “Ban Bossy” and “Lean in” movements makes me roll my eyes in annoyance. I do throw them in the #whitewomenproblems box. It’s like they were tired of throwing Tupperware parties.
    Then there’s the personal things like married life and motherhood. I know a few proud feminists (who are white women) who has written numerous blog pieces about banning gender-based clothes, in order to promote gender-equality to their children. Meanwhile, I know womanists who are trying their damnedest for society to see their kids (and their kids’ friends) as actual human children.

  • D1Mind

    White feminism is about white empowerment and nothing else. That is why Patricia Arquette said what she said. She meant that she was fighting for WHITE women, not all women. Otherwise, why make the distinction to “other” groups? This is especially true when one considers that white women are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action of any group of people. After gaining all those benefits due to the suffering of black folks, they want to claim that they need MORE empowerment for themselves and screw everyone else. That shows you what they are really about. But of course Negroes get confused and distracted by pretty tokens as if these individual black folks here and there are really something to be proud of. But these women are not fighting for token positions, they want to climb the ladder and be next to white males at the top of the food chain. And when they get there, they are going to be as bigoted and racist as the males, as Amy Pascal showed the world. And Amy pascal is just but one of the many white female executives in entertainment and other industries who are affirmative action beneficiaries and are now asking for exclusive ‘equal pay’ benefits, which does not mean ‘equal pay’ for black folks, which includes black women. White feminism has a goal and agenda and is not simply about bashing males, it is about sharing the spoils of conquest with white males. It is not about empowering black folks or anyone else.