Another Black History Month, another menu featuring what people think equates to ‘black people’ food. Wright State University’s president has issued an apology for featuring a Black History Month menu that included fried chicken and collard greens.

The cafeteria menu appeared on a screen in the dining hall and flashed a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Many on social media felt the menu was disrespectful and a stereotype.

“I apologize to anyone hurt by the display,” President David Hopkins wrote. “To our credit, the menu was quickly removed. But the larger question remains: Why was it done? I will find out. We will take steps to prevent this kind of behavior occurring in the future.”

According to the Associated Press, The dining hall services company, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Service, apologized also for the insensitive menu. And said they could have done a better job with the menu. The company stated that they try to celebrate national events by providing “authentic and traditional cuisine. … In no way was the promotion associated with Black History Month meant to be insensitive.”

“I was really hurt … extremely hurt,” said Billy Barabino, a senior and president of the school’s Black Student Union. “For me, it was a knock in the face for African (and) African-American individuals who have fought for us to be progressive. I was extremely offended by it because it minimizes who we are as a people.”

Image Credit: Twitter/AP

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  • Mary Burrell

    They need to see the movie “Dear White People”

  • Mary Burrell

    That menu looks good though

    • I can’t front. The menu does look good. LOL. :) Yet, I have to slow my role too. A’int nothing wrong with fruits and vegetables either.

    • Love.tweet.joi

      I went vegan again on Friday, I don’t know if I can even think about chicken right now. LOL. *quickly exits*

  • neceyluv

    I work at a rather diverse community college, and we do this every year for Black History Month. There’s nothing racial or disrespectful about it. Sure, we eat other foods besides these particular types of dishes – of which many healthier versions have been created! But soul food IS a part of our heritage, and a part of which we should be proud! Just because some other races have made the typical “watermelon” and “fried chicken” jokes doesn’t make it less real or something to be ashamed of. This isn’t a frat party in blackface, wearing so-called “black attire.” – that’s a totally different scenario.

    Besides, the preparers of these meals do a GREAT job every February! We always look forward to it: students and staff alike! It brings us together and creates dialogue among the board. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that what we need, more communication, in order to dispel some of the misunderstandings among the races? Isn’t that what we want?

    • chanela

      “the preparers of these meals do a GREAT job every February!”

      Why just february? I’m sure they serve tacos and mayonnaise all year round right?

    • neceyluv

      No, they don’t. They serve the typical college student fare: burgers, fries, pizza, soup, sandwiches, salads, etc. Different student clubs also participate in their own “ethnic food” fundraisers. For example, the Asian Student Club might sell egg rolls to raise funds for scholarships. This exposes everyone to different types of food all year round. I’m not sure what your point is.