10-year-old Esther Okade may enjoy playing with her dolls, but she also loves quadratic equations. Esther is doing extraordinary things and recently started her undergraduate degree. She’s one of the UK’s youngest university students and is studying at Open University.

Esther’s mother, Efe, said her daughter always dreamed of going to university early.

“From the age of seven Esther has wanted to go to university. But I was afraid it was too soon. “She would say, ‘Mum, when am I starting?’, and go on and on and on. Finally, after three years she told me, ‘Mum I think it is about time I started university now,” Efe told the Telegraph.

Esther isn’t the only smart kid in the family. Her 6-year-old brother Isaiah is already doing calculus and algebra. Esther has being career goals as well.

“Esther talks about running her own bank one day,” added Efe. “She has a lot of plans, and talks a lot about finances. “She says she wants to be a millionaire.

I’m quite sure we’ll be hearing more about Esther in the years to come.

Image Credit: Telegraph UK

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  • Esther Okade is a great young
    Sister. Most people do quadratic equations when they are teenagers, yet she is
    10 years old doing it. Her dreams certainly represent her great value as a
    human beings. Also, her family is blessed too. Esther has a brother who is
    extremely intelligent. Genius is found throughout our people. Bless Esther.

    • Love.tweet.joi

      Heck, I’m doing quadratic equations when I’m not on here chatting with you guys. LOL. I bet she’s earning a better grade than I am too! LOL.

    • LOL. :) I feel you. Doing quadratic equations is never age restrictive. I wish you the best on doing them. Esther is certainly a blessed Sister.

  • Anthony

    I don’t know this child, but it is obvious she has been raised to work hard and dream big! Those two things are worth more than any amount of money or stuff we can give our children.

  • ALM247

    Wonderful! A lot of kids are capable of much more than their parents and teachers think. You have to take the time to find out what your child’s God given talents and gifts are and nourish those talents and gifts.

  • Elated wish you the best ideal child arising for success. Not social stress mess equivalent USA blaming externals hidden. Factor Hip hop detest those striving excellency not dependency okay. Others to obtain careers if your African heritage USA hold back. Lack facts child achieve her endeavors parents cleaver teaching.
    Not rap music victimizing elements why indifference what suppose to be Black! Matter fact Afro/French top engineering students France equivalent USA Indian students. Astonished on stories this young mind not wasting time not victim! Merci