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Shad “Bow Wow” Moss is feeling himself nowadays, since he recently signed onto a CSI spinoff. Mr. 106 & Park who spent all of his career wallowing in stereotypes now has his nose stuck in the air and scoffed at the idea of being on Empire.

He’s gonna wish his CSI spinoff would garner half of the ratings Empire does.

“When we were still filming Cyber episodes, Empire‘s first episode premiered. Fans were saying, ‘Man, you should have been on the show.’ But we all don’t rap or play basketball. We can do so many things. There are young African-Americans who are intelligent enough to work at the FBI. That’s what’s so bright. Hopefully, I can help start a new wave of young black actors who don’t want to stereotype themselves, “Bow Wow stated in an interview.

Obviously you’re not on the show because you weren’t offered a role.

I’m sure if Bow Wow was offered Hakeem’s role, he would have jumped at the opportunity. But now he’s putting on his No. 1 Hater Hat, and is a reformed stereotype.

Negro, please. Let us not mention Bow Wow’s fiancée who is a walking/talking stereotype on Love & Hip-Hop. If there was ever a real life Boo-Boo Kitty, it would be Erica Mena.

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