Solange is usually praised for her timeless beauty and sartorial prowess but her hair has been a regular target for the ignorant. In Touch Weekly once compared her ‘fro to a dog’s hair.


And now Public Magazine joins that deplorable list with a caption in the French glossy that compares Solange’s afro to armpit hair. It reads: “Coiffee comme un dessous de bras” and translates loosely to “hair like an underarm.”


The corresponding pictures show Solange’s natural hair picked out and worn in a curly protective style. In both images, her hair looks beautiful in its texture and fullness. Since she dares to embrace her hair as it is, without chemical manipulation, she’s the subject of constant discriminatory attacks by fashion publications.

Like when Giuliana Rancic linked Zendaya’s locs to weed and patchouli oil, it’s important for these so-called fashion critics to know the difference between thoughtful opinions and plain old ignorance. And when they attack natural hairstyles with damaging stereotypes and comparisons to animals and the like, they demean an entire community and race of women.

What are your thoughts on Public Magazine’s attack on Solange’s natural hair?

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