Because Alabama thrives on living in the dark ages, the University of Alabama can forget about a $15,000,000 donation that was going to be made by two alums. Elliott Mitchell and Clark West, who are married, met at the university in 1972, planned on leaving their estate to the university after they died (wait, they don’t have any family?). But have no changed their minds.

“We understand the conflict of well-intended people struggling to find balance with this issue,” they wrote. “But, we also realize there is no support in the legislature or initiatives at the University to create a dialogue. Instead, there is a very strong and continued effort by the state and the majority of its citizens to exclude this group in every way possible.”

Last year the couple donated $1,000,000 to the university but have now had no plans on ever stepping foot in the state again.

“We never expect and never want people to change their religious views,” Mitchell said. “Just give us a document that gives us the same rights as you have.”

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