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Two whole nail-biting hours. And here’s what we’re left with (and in no particular order).

1) Lucious is the devil.

2) Lucious is the devil and he isn’t dying from ALS. Ain’t that some bullshit.

3) Cookie tried to kill the devil, I mean Lucious, but she didn’t have it in her. Lucious also learned from the cameras that Cookie tried to kill her. What in the world is a “ghetto rat”?

4) Hakeem turned scapegoat and banged his could-have-been step-mother in an act of revenge for his father sending his AARP girlfriend, played by Naomi Campbell, away.

5) Girl Fight! Finally, Cookie and Anika brawled like they were extras on Fight Club.

6) Jennifer Hudson’s character saw those dollar bills and went secular in a flash.

7) Wait, so you’re telling me a candle holder held by a woman who looks like she doesn’t weigh more than a buck-twenty five was able to kill Vernon?

8) OMG, Kelly Rippa’s look-a-like is pregnant!

9) Lucious is still the devil.

10) But Lucious’ family has something in store for him.

11) Bye Lucious, you’re going down.

12) At least, until someone bails you out of jail.

13) Who knew Jamal had some Lucious in him as he held their rival over the ledge.

14) Bring back Malcolm! He did Cookie’s cookies right.

15) Cookie, girl, you should have left with Malcolm.

Clutchettes, what did you think of the season finale? If I missed anything, leave it in the comment section!

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  • paintgurl40

    I loved that the season finale was two hours. At first I didn’t want to watch this show, but too many in my circle were watching and talking, so I caved in and got hooked! They are all crazy as hell but I am so entertained! I hated that Malcolm left. I loved him and Cookie together, but I just loved looking at him. Someone posted that the next season is Jan 2016! That’s so unfair. Oh well I guess I’ll catch up on House of Cards and some other things I never watched.

    • Me

      i really thought mj was about to get her life together up until that last episode. she has a whole lot of growing left before she can just “be” mary jane. i think gabrielle is doing a great job in the role though. at first i was turned off by her chasing married men, but the story has a really great development & now i’m invested. once that’s done i’m going to catch up on scandal & see what all the hoopla has been about. (or maybe i’ll just find something to do outdoors… this hermit life is for the birds & i really need to break out of it soon)

    • paintgurl40

      Yeah I did too. I’m still watching the show because it is good and I like that they touch on topics that matter to us. I like Gabrielle Union. I have nothing against her, but have this love/hate feeling for Mary Jane.
      As far as Scandal goes…I’m not sure if I’m going to continue watching. I used to be a die hard gladiator, but HTGAWM blew me away. An American Crime is pretty good so far and I’m waiting on OITNB.

  • disqus_6sinns1216

    They were doing too much with that balcony scene and I had to change the channel when Jamal started singing about being gay in the rap battle. That was the last straw for me. I’m not homophobic but that scene got me mad. That’s how corny it was. I did like the season though! But from what I saw (didn’t see anything past that rap battle) I was disappointed with the direction of the finale. It didn’t do anything for me.