Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in the world, and her OWN network has seemingly found its niche. By niche, I mean catering to the Tyler Perry and Iyanla Vanzant audience. But did you know, only two of the 13 top level executives behind OWN are minorities?

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You would think that someone like Oprah, who prides herself on diversity and giving others opportunities, would have more minorities in high level positions. Especially when her own channel is making money off of its Black audience with shows catering to us.

One has to wonder how can Oprah talk about inequality, make a movie about Selma and break down barriers as a Black woman, and not practice what she preaches when it comes to those working for OWN.

Now, maybe there are other minorities, particularly Black women behind the scenes, and maybe Oprah feels good about having so many people work for her, but hopefully she is practicing what she preaches.

Clutchettes, do you think Oprah should have more high-level minority executives working for her?

Image Credits: Discovery Press/OWN

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  • noirluv45

    Great business, Lily! I love seeing Black entrepreneurs.

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    Hell yes, she should!

  • Reina Benoir

    Why is it that when a group of employees is all (or predominantly) white that it’s a matter of hiring the “best” person for the job and the assumption is that if people of color were hired it would be because they’re people of color?

    Why would you make such an assumption? This country has gone on for 2 centuries pushing down people of color and opening doors for white people and no one assumes that these people aren’t superior despite the evidence that just being perceived as black puts you at a disadvantage just getting past whoever screens the resumes.

    Your type of thinking is exactly why Black people will have a harder time getting anywhere. Your assumption that the white person was hired on their merits presumes a superiority that doesn’t exist. It’s bad enough that white people believe that shit. Why the hell would you?

    I know that I’m more intelligent than a good many people, white people included, and I would NEVER assume that I was only hired because I was black. I’m way too good at what I do for that.