As someone who loves to do hair, I am always open to new and innovative ways to wear faux hair. But I dread–repeat: DREAD–the removal process.

Never did I think that there would one day be a way to simplify this step–until I heard about VanishMax, which claims to be the “safest, fastest, most efficient hair extension removal system on the planet,” capable of removing weaves in 30 seconds.


Everything you need is in this box.

Ordinarily, removing weave is daunting, hard, and can take up to an hour plus. Thread lines get hidden under weeks to months of braided hair growth and buildup, which makes it hard to see and cut the thread. If not carefully removed, uninstalling a weave can cause irreversible damage to the natural hair and scalp.

If you prefer to sew down your wigs, this all-natural dissolving solution system will make life so much easier.


VanishMax: Weave Removal System – $34.99

What’s In The Kit

  • Manual with safety instructions and useful tips
  • 60 yards of VanishMax Black Thread
  • 8 fluid ounces of VanishMax 100% Natural Dissolving Solution

The thread is made of all-natural fiber, and the dissolving spray is paraben-free and made with tea tree and lavender oil, which makes it very beneficial to natural hair and the scalp.

Like with most newly founded products, I was skeptical at first. So I used my sister as my hair model to see if the VanishMax claims held true. And let me tell you, it really is unbeweavable (sorry, had to)!

I could see the thread breaking down in front of my eyes, allowing me to remove the extension with no effort.

Check out how to use VanishMax Weave Removal System on the next page!

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