Everybody’s favorite television mother is returning to network television. Phylicia Rashad will star in CBS’s For Justice, which will be directed by Ava DuVernay. The series is based on James Patterson’s novel The Thomas Berryman Number. Rashad plays a FBI agent who works for the Department of Civil Rights. Rashad’s character, Georgina Howe, is gay, and faces discrimination because of her sexual orientation.

According to Variety, Law & Order’s Rene Balcer wrote the pilot and will serve as exec producer, alongside DuVernay, Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, James Patterson, Bill Robinson and Leopoldo Gout.

It should be interesting to see Rashad back on television after all of these years!


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  • Naturally Creole

    Finally! More scripted shows with African-American actors and directors on TV! They are taking note and finally they are seeing that diversity equals high ratings. Scandal, Empire, How To Get Away with Murder, and Blackish are all doing extremely well so now every network is going to want a show such as these. And maybe just maybe shows such as Love and Hiphop will fade away …hopefully lol.

    • Hopefully shows like Love and Hip hop will fade away. We need more shows that reflect the diversity of our community.

    • Khrish

      AMEN. I am chopping at the bit to see the new one tomorrow night from the THURSDAY NIGHT ON ABC. LADY. Bring them on because I am sick of these reality shows eating up the schedules.

    • Me

      i think the only network left is nbc. they need to get on board. this past year of tv has reignited my interest like when i was a kid. i’ve always mainly only been interested in tv shows about black folks & it’s been a LONG time since any shows about black folks have been on long enough to get invested in. finally i have wednesdays & thursdays on lock. hopefully they don’t put this show on any of those days so i won’t have to split my vote (fox got me nervous about black-ish since they decided to run empire at the same time). if this show came out on tuesdays, i would be so excited. matter of fact, i wish all the networks would give us the 9:00 slot. we could have black-ish at 9 on mondays, for justice at 9 on tuesdays, empire at 9 on wednesdays, shonda night on thursdays :), and something else new at 9 on fridays on nbc. that way each network only has to commit one hour to us (b/c you know they get nervous… except abc seems to be having a love affair with minorities lately & i ain’t mad at them), and then all the other demographics get to control the rest of the time slots. that would make my life beautiful. i’m thinking about starting a petition. if we add two more sitcoms at 9:30 & 10 on mondays or another drama at 10 on wednesdays, it would be 9 black shows starting at 9pm every week night and i could call the petition “we want 9″… lol.