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Recently I took my niece to a screening of Rihanna’s new film, Home. But not before I made her read the book “The True Meaning of Smekday,” which is what the movie is based on, just so she has a little more understanding of the characters and the original plot –not the watered down one presented by DreamWorks.

In a post on BlackGirlLongHair, it was discovered by different people that Rihanna’s character, Tip, isn’t being represented too well in the marketing of the movie, especially the billboards.


Also, it seems as though depending on the demographics of your area, you’ll be presented with a different types of advertisements:

As someone who has read the original book, it’s safe to say that DreamWorks’ marketing of the movie has failed in a few areas. One thing that is different are the television ads, which in my area, have been pretty spot on highlighting Rihanna’s character. But that’s here in the Atlanta area. Who knows who what people in Boise, Idaho are seeing on their tv screens.

Clutchettes, what do you think about the various billboards not featuring Rihanna’s character?

Image Credits: DreamWorks

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