Shanesha Taylor’s mugshot went viral last year after the single mother was arrested for leaving her two young children in a car while she went on a job interview. After her story was told, a crowdfunding campaign raised over $110, 000 in donations so she could get her life together.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the court system has other things in mind for Taylor and her children’s lives.

During Taylor’s initial hearing, the court mandated that she set aside the money donate and to put it into trusts for her children, but Taylor stated that she needed some of the money to live. When she failed to put $60,000 into a trust, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office reinstated prosecution against Taylor in October 2014.

On Monday, Taylor pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse and received 10 years probation and is now required to pay the courts $100,000 in restitution.

According to AZ Central,  child abuse is “a class 6 felony and domestic-violence offense.”

Taylor will be sentenced on May 15, and is facing up to 10 years of supervised probation and restitution of $100,000.

Image Credit: AZ Central 

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