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If you’re a black woman, chances are going through TSA’s security check has been dreadful, especially if they decide to pat down your hair. But now, after reaching an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the TSA has agreed to stop racially profiling black women with natural hair and subjecting them to extra security screenings.

According to an announcement from the ACLU, TSA will provide trainings across the country with an emphasis on hair pat-downs of black female travelers. TSA has also agreed to specifically track hair pat-down complaints filed by black women at all airports they oversee to determine whether discriminatory practices are still occurring.

Novella Coleman, an attorney with the ACLU, has been on the receiving end of TSA pat-downs, and spearheaded the change along with other black women.

“The humiliating experience of countless black women who are routinely targeted for hair pat-downs because their hair is ‘different’ is not only wrong, but also a great misuse of TSA agents’ time and resources,” she said in a statement.

Coleman also told  BuzzFeed News she’s optimistic the new training TSA will hold for its employees. “I think right now we’re in a hopeful place,” she said.

Clutchettes, have you ever been subjected to a TSA pat-down of your hair?

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