Karrueche Tran has declared once again that she’s done with Chris Brown. It sounds like yet another day that ends in ‘y’. Apparently a secret baby was the last straw, but here are a few things that weren’t:

A) Being a known woman abuser

B) Disrespecting her on social media

C) Being in and out of jail

Tran, who seemingly rose to fame because of her relationship with Brown, is not different from your run of the mill women who continually take back men who are pieces of caca. But eventually everyone reaches their breaking point. I was just like Tran for a while. Back and forth for almost 5 years with the same person. My breaking point was nothing as drastic as a secret baby, but I just got tired of it all. And ended it without any warning, or even a sub-tweet.

Clutchettes, have you ever been in an off again/on again relationship? What was your final breaking point?

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