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Haters gonna hate. And that’s exactly what people did when it was announced on Friday that the Disney Channel was developing a Mo’ne Davis biopic. The famous Little Leaguer’s life will come to the small screen sometime next year, but it got a lot of folks riled up.

And then there’s Bloomsburg University baseball player Joey Casselberry. Casselberry went all the way left when he complained about the Davis biopic.


The university’s athletic department announced Casselberry’s dismissal from the team in a tweet Saturday, insisting that Casselberry’s tweet did not represent the views of the school.

I guess Casselberry now wishes he could ‘Throw Like Mo’.

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  • Mary Burrell

    Starbucks still want to talk about racism?

  • I expected this I am talking about the movie, I applaud Mo’ne Davis she is smart, wise and rational about the young man kicked of the baseball team she know like most athletes say “no hurt no harm let’s move on to the next play” and you don’t destroy a young person for a stupid tweet. Mo’ne Davis parents need to guard her from the liberal establishment and media because they will use her up to promote their causes and throw her away. She is to young and is still developing mentally and physically so her parents need to start protecting her from the wolf in sheep cloth. She is still a child.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      He destroyed himself with that stupid tweet, why defend it? Would you be so forgiving if this were a boy and this person referred to him as a buck? The problem isn’t with people being too uptight, the problem is that men are hiding behind the same ‘boys will be boys’ and locker-room culture as they have since time immemorial to absolve themselves of responsibility for whatever dumb crap they do. She is young and still developing and what she’s learning is that actions have consequences and that it isn’t okay for men to talk about women this way, that isn’t okay for adults to talk about children this way, that it isn’t okay for white people to talk about black people this way and if sports culture condones this, the problem isn’t with the victim, it’s with the culture. This adult and this girl aren’t peers, aren’t teammates, aren’t anything other than two people who happen to throw balls and while it’s wonderful that this girl is personally forgiving him, forgiveness isn’t the same thing as validation. There are many girls out there who are learning that they don’t have to accept treatment that makes them uncomfortable because that’s just how it is and they’ll get used to it, or that they should already be used to it. The school did the right thing, he messed up, he’s being punished, this is fair.

    • “He destroyed himself with that stupid tweet, why defend it?” cause I am not a hypocrite. I have done the same thing but not on tweeter “If you live in a glass house don’t throw no stone. “Would you be so forgiving if this were a boy and this person referred to him as a buck?” YEP yes I would be forgiving as long as it wasn’t mean spirited and they won’t picking on him and destroying his dignity or breaking him down no hurt no harm. I don’t understand why y’all have a problem with this when Mo’en don’t.

  • GoldenGirl

    These people are disgusting. Do these adults realize they are talking about a child! And further more, white folks want to say black people are thugs, in jail and up to no good, but when we are doing big things they want to call us everything under the sun but a child of god. Ugh!!

    • ALM247

      “….but when we are doing big things they want to call us everything under the sun but a child of god”.

      And that’s the whole point….to try to wear you down. Don’t let it work.

  • noirluv45

    You know, we can talk for days about how Mo’ne should’ve handled this situation, but, as usual, we discuss what the victim should do, and NOT the perpetrator should do. This boy who made the comment should be the topic of discussion. What kind of society creates people like him? What kind of society excuses people like him? He’s the source of the problem, not Mo’ne.

  • GeekMommaRants

    Forgiveness is a sign of weakness failure and submission. These attributes are not apart of our history or culture. The black church was a community center as the pinks would not come to our churches. MLK talked the talk of religion but lobbied for the Civil Rights bill of 1964. This act had nothing to do with religion, this was politics.