Students from Flint, Michigan had an unfortunate run in with racists during a recent college tour trip. On their way back to Michigan from Florida, their tour bus had mechanical issues and they had to stay at an Econo Lodge motel in Live Oak, Florida.

“It was owned by white people. And they started taking pictures of all the kids as we were walking in and out of the hotel,” said student Melissa Blacque.

“I heard one of the ladies, she said, ‘If i see one more of them, I’m calling the law,'” Odum said.

Blacque says the students were peaceful, but felt uncomfortable at the hotel.

“They were calling us the N word and called Blake the N word. We were just like ‘whoa,'” Blacque said.

In a report to ABC12, Odum said they eventually called the police just to make sure they were safe.

“The officer pulled me to the side and said, ‘You know, I just want to let you know this area right off the interstate, people aren’t too accommodating to you all.’ And he said, ‘If you know what I mean.’ I said, ‘Black people?’ And he said, ‘Yeah,'” Odum said.

The next morning as they were trying to check out, that’s when they heard the manager call them the ‘n’ word.

“‘We’re going to get these N****rs off our property.’ And I was blown back by that,” Odum said.

“To hear it come from an adult directly at children and then to our adviser in front of us was just like, ‘wow,” Blacque said.

Odum says they plan on taking legal action and have already called the hotel’s corporate headquarters.

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    • princessdi81

      Really, tell me more :-I

  • Love.tweet.joi

    There’s this city in CA, Lafayette. A friend of mine was sent there for corporate training. If this didn’t tell him everything he needed to know about his company, then nothing would. Anyway, he figured it wasn’t too far from my college in the bay, so I should drive and meet him. It took hours to find this little town (before google maps, but i had like a cingular phone so I could call him for directions. Once I arrived, I was so afraid, I wanted to magically turn white. I was afraid of everyone, especially the police. The residents only had one question when they met us, “So…How long ya hear fur?” That’s all they wanted to know. After we told them two days, the bartender smiled and made our drinks.

    • Anthony

      All you have to do is get out of the cities and the traditional black rural communities in the South to see just how much we are a minority. Like my Mom used to say, sometimes a black person can feel like a fly in a pan of buttermilk.

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  • TuckingFypo

    I just love how folks are going off about this Econo Lodge on Google reviews. Yass! I hope this establishment goes under.