In March 2012, 22-year-old Rekia Boyd was walking to a store with three friends near Douglas Park in Chicago, when they were confronted by Officer Dante Servin, who was off-duty, and was told to keep the  noise down.  After an exchange of words, Servin fired five shots over his shoulder while sitting in his car. One of those shots hit Boyd in the head, killing her.

Three years later, after a four day trial, a judge found Servin not guilty of involuntary manslaughter. 

The judge ruled there was no evidence of reckless conduct in the case, which would have been required for the involuntary manslaughter charge and others, and dismissed the charges.

“Simply put, the evidence presented in this case does not support the charges on which the defendant was indicted and tried. There being no evidence of recklessness as a matter of law, there is no evidence to which the state could sustain its burden of proof as to the fourth element of the charge of involuntary manslaughter,” Judge Dennis Porter said. “Therefore, there is a finding of not guilty on all counts and the defendant is discharged.”

When the verdict was announced, Boyd’s family erupted in shouts and tears. Martinez Sutton, Boyd’s brother, yelled  “that man killed my sister”. He was escorted out of the courtroom, while Servin sat there. Once Servin made his way out of the courtroom, people shouted at he “murderer”.

“I think it was a mistake for the state’s attorney to charge me, but I also explained to the family that if this is what they needed for closure – for me to be charged – I hope they got what they were looking for,” Servin said.

He sounds like a total asshole. Boyd’s mother talked to the press after the hearing.

“I am Rekia Boyd’s mom. They just found this man not guilty on all counts, and he blew my daughter’s brains out in the alley,” said Angela Helton.

“I will never be able to call Rekia again. I will never be able to say ‘Rekia, can you come over and do this?’ I will never be able to do that,” Helton said.

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said Monday in a written statement: “I am extremely disappointed by the Judge’s ruling. The State’s Attorney’s Office brought charges in this case in good faith and only after a very careful legal analysis of the evidence as well as the specific circumstances of this crime.”

Chicago police said Monday night that Servin will remain stripped of his police powers until the Independent Police Review Authority finishes their investigation.

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  • blogdiz

    Why is this not generating as much outrage as some of the recent police murders it is to me even more egregious , a group of young people going to the store laughing and chatting as young people do an OFF duty cop tells them to keep it down and because they do not capitulate Yessa Massah . He callously discharges his unregistered gun over his shoulder not even looking
    And the Judges comments ” Now is not the time for emotion but reasoned legal decisions tells me all I need to know , I’m pretty sure that what he says to ALL families that are in his court looking for justice for their slain loved ones

    • Kanika Ameerah

      I am just as perplexed as well, but am guessing that black lives only matter if they’re straight and male.

    • Rastaman

      WOW!! How many cops who killed unarmed black men have been convicted?
      This case may be progress because her killer actually got charged and tried.

    • Okay

      The issue is that its really not being talked about. When black men are killed the black community talks about and everyone knows. How many black people even knoe the name Rekia Boyd? How many know Mike Brown or Eric Garner?

    • Kanika Ameerah


  • Mary Burrell

    Sadly, i am not surprised it’s business as usual

  • binks

    Wow, I am just saddened. No Justice at all!!! Words being exchanged is no reason to fire off a gun…smh. honestly, I am sick of writing rest in peace because clearly we don’t get it in life or death. My heart goes out to the family and poor Rekia Boyd.