A Houston couple is suing Premier Photography and the owner James Evans after discovering their wedding booth photos had “Poor N–ger Party” printed on them. The couple, who is black, said the photos were supposed to have their first names and dates on them, but guests received photos with the slur.

“Anybody would find this caption offensive. I’m offended by it. I don’t want to say it,” Attorney Cathy Hale told Eyewitness News. Hale represents the couple who are now suing for a breach of contract as well as negligence and mental anguish.

“They trusted this company to provide them with a service on their most important day and what they got was the complete opposite they got a slap in the face. Every time they think about their anniversary, they think about this. It’s never going to go away, said Hale.

The attorney for the photographer denied any wrong doing at first, but then said no one from the wedding party was offended and there was no evidence linking the photographer to the captions.

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  • CoolChic

    White supremacy is the worst.

  • Marriage is a great blessing. The Houston couple should have been treated with courtesy, respect, and dignity. The caption was offensive and the photographer should feel ashamed by denying any wrongdoing in the beginning. The individual who established the caption and the company itself should be sued, because any photography agency ought to express professionalism. Racism is a notorious evil and scourge and we are still fighting it. I wish the best for the couple.