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Thursday Brittney Griner and her fiancée Glory Johnson were arrested after a domestic violence altercation. Both women were eventually released from jail, but the incident left many people wondering if a blind eye is turned to domestic violence in LGBT couples.

“Intimate partner violence among LGBT couples is also a huge problem that gets considerably less attention,” Jamilah King wrote in “Women Pro Athletes Have a Domestic Violence Problem Too.” “… Last summer, they announced their engagement on Instagram. But as the details of this week’s ordeal emerge, the couple also shows that intimate partner violence within same-sex relationships is a problem that must be confronted.”

I remember in college a friend of mine was in a same-sex relationship with another woman. Their relationship was the most tumultuous one I’ve ever seen, but no one paid attention to the level of violence they exhibited in public. The fights and hair snatching, that even occurred in front of campus police, only garnered laughs.

Griner’s attorney released a statement about the altercation.

“The last few months have been an extremely stressful time for Brittney and Glory. They will continue to work through these hardships together and ask that the media respect their privacy as they handle this family matter,” David Michael Cantor said in a statement released Thursday. “Glory and Brittney sincerely apologize for the distraction this has caused their families, respective teams, the WNBA, sponsors and fans.”

Since various sports leagues, like the NFL, have domestic violence rules and initiatives already on the ‘books’, maybe it’s about time the WNBA does the same.

Domestic violence isn’t a laughing matter, regardless if it’s coming from a heterosexual relationship or same-sex relationship.

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  • Me

    it’s not just dv in lgbt relationships that should be addressed. i think part of the reason that lesbian couples don’t get any side eyes if people see them fighting in public is b/c women are given a pass to be violent. we’re even taught that it’s ok to slap people for saying something disrespectful instead of just wlking away. there’s that news story a while back about the female soccer player hope solo beating on 2 of her family members while drunk, but she was treated w/kid gloves by the league & the media. as long as women keep getting a pass, lgbt couples will suffer in silence. jmo

    • I agree

    • Anthony

      I think you are right. When you have two people who socialized to think slapping someone is okay during an argument, it doesn’t take a genius to see that things could get ugly very fast.

  • PrimmestPlum

    I was so sad when this news broke.

  • LogicalLeopard

    Two things:

    1) People may downplay LGBT violence due to the “novelty” of the relationships themselves, but…

    2) The Britney Griner thing is not going to cause a huge flack because she plays for the WNBA, which is not very popular. Just like Hope Solo with the US Women’s Soccer Team. The NFL is huge and attracts a lot of attention. When they deal with issues with valuable players, they have to do something, but it’s usually a temporary sit down, because they want those players on the field. The WNBA isn’t going to kick one of it’s biggest stars out, they’re struggling enough to survive as it is. So, the differences usually come down to the bottom line.