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Nowadays citizens are making sure they’re armed with a cellphone and ready to point and shoot video when coming in contact with law enforcement. But what happens when you come in contact with the wrong one?

A California woman whose cellphone was snatched and kicked by a deputy U.S. Marshal while she was recording law enforcement officers detaining several people plans to file a civil rights lawsuit against the officers and the city, her attorney said Monday.

According to Beatriz Paez, the marshal threw her phone on the ground and stomped on it while she was filming him in the South Gate area on Sunday.

Paez said she saw the officer and others officers pointing their guns at men who were lying on the ground. Another pedestrian captured the incident with their own cell phone camera.

“I thought he was going to beat me up,” Paez said. “He yanked it and then he threw it on the ground. He stomped on my phone with his boots several times until he destroyed it.”

“It was despicable. It was uncalled for. As soon as… when he snatched the phone away from her it actually startled me I got scared, I had to stop recording because… it was just too scary,” She said. “This is a big man coming towards you with a big gun. It’s scary.”

Paez’s attorney, Colleen Flynn, said she plans to file a federal civil rights lawsuit.

“There was some police activity going on,” Flynn said. “My client was in no way interfering with that police activity. As long as you’re not interfering, you absolutely have a right to film police in public.”

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  • Tanielle

    Love the fact that more than one person was recording. Hopefully this will show officers that they are being watched by everyone not just the people they can see.

    • Anthony

      Yes, these bullies need to be afraid to act a fool. Like Dr. King said, you cannot legislate morality, but you can regulate behavior.

  • Mary Burrell

    I knew they would try to fight being captured on camera doing their evil

  • Mary Burrell

    I am surprised they didn’t brutalize the woman and the other person with a phone camera

  • This is why I call crooked cops like these cowards terrorists. They are insecure, sick people and one of them illegally destroyed the cellphone of a woman. I’m glad that another person recorded the incident, because those cops can lie and mention that “I was in fear for my life.” We know the standard operating procedure when these evil cops try to justify their reckless, nefarious behavior. She has every right to sue. This is an epidemic and the police institution is filled with corruption.

  • vintage3000

    Sociopath cops now realize they can murder unarmed citizens on camera, so grabbing and destroying someone’s property is no big deal. It would be interesting to see the outcome if a Black cop is ever filmed using excessive force on an unarmed white person, God forbid a white woman.

    • Love.tweet.joi

      Chile, she’s been all over the news today. *In my eyewitness news voice*, “The police dept is reviewing the case. The officer hasn’t yet been suspended.”