Suspect Dies Baltimore-2
On Sunday Freddie Gray’s wake was held at Vaughn Greene Funeral Services in Baltimore. Gray, who died from spinal injuries after being taken into custody by police, will be laid to rest on Monday, but the actions of protestors on Saturday is what garnered attention this past weekend.

As peaceful protests were being held, a faction of people decided to take a violent turn. A small number of people destroyed cars, harassed people on the streets and destroyed property. All of which was highlighted by the media. But people who were involved in the peaceful protests had something to say about it.

“Baltimore was not out of control,” said Karen DeCamp, a director at the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, a nonprofit advocacy organization, who was demonstrating outside the funeral home. “Baltimore was not burning. A very small number of people made some trouble, and it was completely blown out of proportion.”

Baltimore’s mayor also spoke out against the actions of the few destructive people:

“We cannot and will not let a minority of incendiary individuals exploit the honorable intentions of those trying to exercise their rights,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said.

As Gray is laid to rest today, one can only hope the people who are making it hard for the peaceful protests will actually step back and see that they’re causing more harm than good. But that’s also not to say, I don’t understand their frustration.

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