150428160511-wrn-nigeria-rescue-operation-00002722-large-169On Tuesday hundreds of girls were rescued from the clutches of Boko Haram, but Nigerian officials stated they’re not the girls who were kidnapped last year from Chibok.But one official did not rule out that captives from other Boko Haram camps that were raided might include some of the 200 girls abducted in April 2014 from a school in Chibok.

200 girls and 93 women were rescued by Nigerian troops in Sambisa Forest, which is an area of militant activity. The women and girls who were rescued have not been seen or spoken to their families yet.

Last year, the mass kidnapping of over 200 girls by Boko Haram led to #BringBackOurGirls. Most fear the girls were sold into marriage, killed or raped. Boko Haram took credit for the kidnapping claiming that they wanted to impose a stricter enforcement of Sharia law across Nigeria.

So far military officials have not stated if they’ll go back to look for more girls.

Images Credits: CNN/AFP/Getty Images

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  • Anthony

    I’m glad to hear this news. I hope it is the start of a sustained effort to shut down Boko Haram by the Nigerian military

    • AfroCapricornette

      HA!!! They’re like the Hydra in the trials of Hercules. They just mushroom despite sustained military efforts. Even ME can’t shut down the group-that-shall-not-be-named. Now, they’ve re-branded their idiotic selves as the Islamic State of W/Africa. Lord help my region.

  • This is certainly great news. Hundreds of human beings being rescued should be celebrated. There is a long way to go obviously. The situation in Nigeria is complex. There must be an addressing of income inequality in Nigeria (as the rich have been made economically prosperous via oil resources and other material resources like cobalt, but the masses of the poor suffer greatly). Civil liberties must be protected as Buhari during the 1980’s violated the human rights of Nigerians. There must be more religious reconciliation between Christians, Muslims, and animists. Boko Haram is an evil, counterrevolutionary group and Africom has imperial designs too. We all want more people to be saved and we wholeheartedly desire Nigeria to reach its highest potential.