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In an attempt to raise awareness about the SNAP program and the food bank crisis in New York City, Gwyneth Paltrow took part in the SNAP challenge. For a week, Paltrow had to leave off of $29 in SNAP benefits, which is typically what a single person in New York City receives.

Sadly, Paltrow squandered most of it on limes. Maybe she plans on living off of Margaritas for a week?

In any event, Paltrow is just another rich and famous person trying to raise awareness about something they get to leave behind in a week. These SNAP challenges undermine the real issue many people are facing on the program. First, there are states like Missouri who want to eliminate certain foods from the SNAP program.  Then you have the issue of poverty. People making use of SNAP have other things to worry about like overdue bills, lack of employment, lack of childcare, you know…poor people issues. Things that Paltrow won’t have to worry about during her week trial of being hungry.

Sorry, as much as I want to cheer Paltrow on with her SNAP challenge, I’m still reminded of the fact that while she’s eating limes and one avocado for breakfast, she’s still selling $500 Goop t-shirts and is rich.


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  • Would you rather pay for someone food or hire them and let them earn more and buy their own food? If all fails get two jobs or add in weekends!

  • paintgurl40

    I don’t mean to be petty, but she could have stretched some of her dollars if she bought frozen or canned vegetables and beans, only got one onion, regular bread, and some tuna and cheese. Fresh produce is expensive, but junk food is cheap. Two family size bags of Doritos for $6, plus some hot dogs for $3, buns $1 and pop 2 for $3 or $5? It’s not the healthiest, but those kids will be full for two days max! Some people assume that the poor are ignorant on nutrition, but when you’re poor, you’re thinking of survival first and nutrition later.

  • Anna Whittle

    Spoken like someone who doesn’t have the guts to do the challenge themselves, so they must criticize others who do. No matter what the intent, it has to be wrong? She can’t just stop being rich for a week, but she can use that wealth to spread awareness of her “SNAP” decision for that week. I for one applaud her choice.