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The U.S is still trying its hardest to get extradition underway for Assata Shakur. According to State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke, the extradition talks of Shakur and others who sought political asylum in Cuba is still in the works, according to NorthJersey.com.

From The Root:

On Wednesday the State Department said that talks with Cuban officials included mention of Shakur. However, Cuban officials have not responded to media inquiries about whether that’s true and, if so, what was actually said about the possibility of extraditing Shakur back to the U.S.

There is speculation that the State Department is giving greater weight to that possibility than what was actually discussed regarding Shakur.

Shakur’s lawyer, Lennox Hinds, a professor at Rutgers University, thinks that’s the case. “I think it is a spin being put out by the U.S. government. I have no reason to give any credence to it,” Hinds said. He told NorthJersey.com that Cuban authorities recently told him that Shakur’s political asylum would not be revoked.

Assata Shakur has been in Cuba since 1984, after escaping from prison. She was convicted in 1977  for killing a New Jersey state trooper.

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