One woman got more than she expected after complaining about her apartment complex on Facebook. Thurmeka Muller complained on the Timberlodge Apartments’ Facebook page about the poor maintenance and issues she was having with the Dallas complex. But in return, she was called the n-word by someone operating the Facebook page.

“I think that’s outrageous,” Muller said.

Muller, an Iraq War veteran, complained about a dingy tub, but was then told it couldn’t be fixed.

“I just went on there and did the review so that everyone else wouldn’t fall for it,” Muller said.

There was back and forth between Muller and the company on Facebook and then she was called the slur.

“And that’s when they went on with the racial slur. All capital letters. And right there on the post,” Muller said. “I feel insulted. Degraded. I feel embarrassed. Not cool. At all.”

In response to Muller, Timberlodge said their Facebook page is ran by a different company and it was hacked.

Bridge Property Management, which operates Timberlodge, called this a regrettable act of “cybervandalism,” and wrote, “We are working with Facebook, our vendor and, if appropriate, legal authorities to determine the circumstances surround this situation. We intend to cooperate to the fullest extent with any police investigation into this matter…”

She said she’s considering hiring an attorney to file a housing discrimination lawsuit.

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