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Last February, Ray Rice and his then fiancée Janay’s personal life went viral after elevator footage was released showing Ray viciously attacking Janay. The brutal attack Ray dealt Janay left her unconscious and he dragged her limp body out of the elevator.

Now a year later, and after being released from the Baltimore Ravens, Ray and Janay are speaking out. In an interview with NY Mag, Janay spoke about the events that led up to infamous incident and gave insight to their relationship issues.

Janay complains in the interview about how hands-off Ray was to her and the children, and her frustrations grew.

“I felt I was doing everything by myself,” Janay said. “After a while, I resented that. I felt like a walking zombie. I told Ray he needed to change more diapers.”

When she tried to discuss things with him, he just shut down.

“I get home, I’m spent,” Ray stated. “There’s no time to talk. ‘I got practice the next day.’ ”

“It got to the point where if she had an issue, I would basically just go silent,” Ray said. “There wasn’t a lot of yelling, screaming, nothing. I would just wake up, go to practice. Then game day gets here. I’d rush for three touchdowns. The family’s over at the house. She’s still got that problem she’s thinking about. And I think, I scored three touchdowns today. Everything’s all right.”

“That’s not what a man does,” Janay told the interviewer. “I know what a man is supposed to be. I know how a man acts in a relationship. I know what a father is. I experienced it.”

Janay stated the straw that broke the camel’s back was the hours leading up to the incident. She said she wanted to spend time alone with Ray, but he chose to spend it with his family and friends.

From NY Mag:

Janay had wanted to spend the holiday together. “It’s Valentine’s Day, we should do something ourselves,” she remembered thinking. Instead, “he plans a group thing” in Atlantic City, with his half-brother and his girlfriend and another Baltimore couple. “It was an annoyance to me,” Janay said. “I was a little perturbed, though I didn’t communicate that to him.” She said she was silent during the three-hour car ride.

When they got to Atlantic City, the friends hit the club inside the Revel casino, the Royal Jelly. They ordered a few bottles of vodka. Rice had been on a cleanse, and a few drinks did him in. They left for the Revel’s late-night restaurant, where Rice went to the bathroom and threw up. Back at the table, Rice and Janay bickered, Rice fiddling with his phone. “She put her hands in my face,” he later told an arbitration panel. Rice got up and left, heading back to the room.

“I’m in the clear,” he later said. He stood by the elevator, texting his friend back at the table, “Is everything alright?” Janay, though, had followed him. Seeing him on his phone, she went for it. Rice cursed at her and made a “very vulgar” comment. She walked by, turned, took a step toward him, and slapped his face. “We were drunk and tired,” Janay said later. Rice followed her slowly to the elevator.

Rice and Janay had been instructed not to talk to me about what happened inside the elevator, but confidential transcripts from the arbitration hearings tell the story. Janay slapped him again, and then Rice struck her with his open palm. It was a hard blow. She was furious, balled her fists and lunged at him. Rice hit her on the side of the head with his left hand, and she was knocked backward, banging her head against the rail of the elevator. Ray later said he was stunned by the sound of the impact.

That’s probably a night that neither one of them will ever forget, but the Rice family say that since they’ve dealt with their personal issues with counseling and church, their relationship has improved tremendously.

“This year has been good for the family,” Janay said. “Ray spends as much time with us as he possibly can.”

“It’s unfortunate that my actions caused collateral damage that I never could have imagined,” Ray said. “Unfortunately, even though I was responsible for creating the situation, commissioner Goodell ended up taking quite a hit for it.”

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