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Miko Branch, owner of Miss Jessie’s, is speaking out about the suicide of her sister and former co-owner, Titi Branch.

Late last year, Titi was found dead in her apartment from an apparent suicide. But according to Miko, Titi’s boyfriend Anthony Spadafora, who is currently involved in a lawsuit with Miko, pushed her to suicide.

In an interview with  The New York Post, Miko alleges that Spadafora’s “undue influence” led Titi to give him money to launch his beard hair care line, as well as purchase a $400,000 house and a loan of $135,000. Before her death, Miko also made Spadafora the beneficiary on her life insurance.

The couple met in 2012 on Match.com and when Titi tried to end the relationship after finding out he made advances towards her trainer, Miko alleges he threatened to leak compromising photos of her.

According to the court papers, after Titi’s death, Spadafora emailed the family saying that he was owed 50% of everything because of the will.

Spadafora’s countered Miko’s accusations saying that the two sisters had a falling out, which is why she was no longer the beneficiary. He also stated they were trying to start a family.

“My love failed. I thought it was good enough if there wasn’t a baby,” he said.

“My sister’s death has been a devastating blow,” Miko told The Post. “It was only after Titi’s death that we learned more about what she’d been going through and how her affairs were being managed.”

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  • blogdiz

    This is a tragedy all round I know that depression is real overwhelming and can lead to very bad life decisions
    That being said I find it very sad that AA do not grasp the concept of creating generational wealth within their families and communities like the WASPs and the Jews have done for centuries
    It seems to me as soon as Black person has any kind of wealth they do thier darnedest to repatriate that money right into the white community, Tiger Woods, , The Johnson billion media empire ( Jet ebony bet ) wealth will be white owned by marriage and the list goes on
    You notice that white men are no longer that upset when star athletes, entertainers top business executive BM date white (heck they even encourage it ) as they know the money will be coming back home

  • Pema

    Why would she leave her interest in the business to a man who isn’t even her husband? Why? Sad story and baffling to say the least.

  • Justmythoughts

    OMG! is there no topic that folks won’t turn associate to racism or white privilege?! Perhaps she was just depressed and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s sad that Black America doesn’t recognize the signs of depression and get their loved ones the help they may need. Truth be told, the sisters had a falling out years ago, and perhaps it’s not out of the realm of thinking that they had another one.