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Mindy Kaling’s brother, Vijay Chokalingam, has proven to be one of the biggest trolls this year. Vijay thought he’d set out to prove that Affirmative Action was wrong, by applying to medical schools as a Black man and he plans to release a book about his experiences. Vijay’s book, Almost Black, will describe how he masqueraded as a Black man between 1998 and 1999.

From Telegraph:

Chokalingam was motivated to commit the fraud by the fact that he had a relatively low Grade Point Average of 3.1. Suspecting that certain US universities were employing affirmative action and positively discriminating in favour of candidates with an African-American background, he decided to “test” his theory by rebranding himself as a Black man.

As well as shaving his head and trimming his lashes, Chokalingam also applied to colleges using his middle name, Jojo (his parents were inspired by the African-American basketball player Jo Jo White) and emphasised the fact that he had spent time in Nigeria as a child in interviews.

According to his website, as a “Black” candidate with a 3.1 GPA, Chokalingam was considered by medical schools including Harvard, Pennsylvania and Columbia, and was eventually accepted by St Louis University in Missouri. He later dropped out, after changing his mind about pursuing a career in medicine, and now works (in a somewhat ironic twist) as a resume writer and graduate school application consultant. He has made it clear that he lied only about his race: all other details on his application were correct.

Now here’s where his experiment failed.

Out of the top-tier schools he applied to, guess how many he got into – NONE.

Vijay did get accepted into the lesser tiered St. Louis University. But in no way can he prove it was because of Affirmative Action.

Vijay says his issue with Affirmative Action, is the racism behind it.

“My experiences applying to medical school as a Black man impressed on me the injustice created by the system of legalised racism called affirmative action,” he stated on his website.

“This system destroys the dreams of millions of Indian-American, Asian American, and white applicants for employment and higher education. It also creates negative stereotypes about the academic abilities and professional skills of African-American and Hispanic professionals, who don’t need special assistance in order to compete with other minority groups.”

I’m not sure if Vijay realizes that Black people aren’t the only ones who benefit from Affirmative Action. He needs to take his Bobby Jindal-self somewhere and have a seat at a university.

After all of this ‘work’, guess who failed to complete medical school? You guessed it.

Vijay, you’re a disgrace to your family.

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